MiFID II training course

MiFID II Training

Geography Covered: UK and Europe | Duration: 45 minutes

In February 2016 it was announced that the Markets in Financial Instrument Directive II (MiFID II) deadline would be delayed by one year. This MiFID II training course will let you understand your basic obligations and requirements from the new MiFID ll regime. It also explains the impact on financial services by the regime and its wide-ranging effects across the European Union from increased market access to best execution.


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This delay in MiFID II implementation was welcomed at the time, adjusting to the new MiFID II regulation had already caused tremendous efforts to both buy-side and sell side to ensure they were able to comply. A proper MiFID II training course would help to affirm this compliance.

Industry experts agree that the challenges of implementing MiFID II originate from the sheer scale and invasive nature which requires substantial changes to several areas of any business. Besides the challenge of understanding MiFID II’s technical and organizational impact, the importance of ensuring that an organizations buy-side and sell-side employees understand their responsibilities, the level of change required, and how it affects their daily work, is a highlight that is reflected in our MiFID II training course.


The available versions for this course include:

MiFID II for the Buy-side

Tailored specifically for buy-side organizations and employees this MiFID II training course allows employees to understand the focus on better investor protection, increased market transparency and integrity, and how this affects known market structures. For example, employees learn about the impact on core terms such as best execution, how different trading venues are defined, and what role a systematic internalizer plays.

MiFID II for the Sell-side

This course has been developed to specifically address and educate employees working in Sell-Side organizations and positions. Looking through the lens of the sell-side, the course informs teams on what to consider differently, for example with regard to trading obligations, high-frequency trading or market making. The MiFID II training course also details the different obligations on trade, transaction and position reporting.

MiFID II – Market Structure

This course focuses on the new trading venue types allowed after MiFID II, and the key differences in the operation of these trading venues. Learners will be able to identify MiFID II’s impact on market transparency and integrity, and better understand systematic internalisers and dark pool trading.


Like all our courses, the MiFID II training courses is written by attorneys and powered by world-leading regulatory intelligence, which tracks more than 900 regulators and exchanges globally to ensure the course content is always up to date.

We employ instructional design techniques optimized for risk and compliance training, enabling your business to educate in a way that reduces risk and encourages compliant behavior.

As with all of our courses, Ithe MiFID II training course is driven by practical examples and interactive scenarios to ensure users truly understand and recognize the issues of most importance to your business and learn to instinctively act to support them.