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Workplace Sensitivity Training

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Geography Covered: Americas, APAC | Duration: 35 minutes

Workplace Sensitivity training covers legal workplace protections that all employees need to be aware of. It is essential to provide employees with sensitivity training to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Workplace discrimination and harassment can also affect employee productivity, and it can divert resources from the organization's real business. Improper conduct can also lead to liability for the organization and/or individual employees. The U.S. Supreme Court has established legal standards that employers must meet to avoid — or at least minimize — discrimination and harassment and avoid liability for punitive damages.

These online Sensitivity Training courses include our Workplace Diversity training course, Workplace Bullying training course, and our Preventing Discrimination and Harassment training course.



Federal laws protect employees from workplace discrimination and harassment on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, disability, pregnancy, and genetic information. Some state and local laws protect even more characteristics, making sensitivity training even more imperative.

This Workplace Sensitivity course emphasizes the importance of treating everyone with respect and dignity, and demonstrates how embracing diversity can be a sound business strategy.

The available versions for this course include:

  • Workplace Diversity (US)
  • Diversity and Inclusion (North America)
  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion (Australia)


Like all our courses, this online sensitivity training courses are written by attorneys and powered by world-leading regulatory intelligence, which tracks more than 550 regulators and exchanges globally to ensure the course content is always up to date.

We employ instructional design techniques optimized for risk and compliance training, enabling your business to educate in a way that reduces risk and encourages compliant behavior.

As with all of our courses, this online sensitivity training is driven by practical examples and interactive scenarios to ensure users truly understand and recognize the issues of most importance to your business and learn to instinctively act to support them.

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