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Used by hundreds of organizations around the world, the AutoAudit software solution improves the efficiency of the internal audit process.

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Liberate your internal audit team

Today’s internal audit teams must deliver excellence in their bread-and-butter audit activities. They are being called on to help organizations evaluate risk and internal control frameworks, understand emerging risks, analyze culture, and evaluate the impact of new regulations.

To provide these value-adding services, internal auditor or audit teams must move beyond manual spreadsheets and documents.

Developed by internal auditors, AutoAudit is a software solution that enables you to store all audit documents in a single, secure database and lets you manage audit teams and allocate resources quickly.

Improve internal audit processes

With its drag-and-drop calendar, the AutoAudit software solution helps ensure that the right resources are allocated for the correct tasks. It uses effective tracking to review and coordinate issues and action plans, and features integrated risk assessments as well as attractive surveys.

You are also able to design, generate, and distribute a broad array of reports. A new selection of best practice reports is available, or you can create your own customized versions.

Implement a solution quickly

Thomson Reuters AutoAudit enables you to easily leverage Microsoft® Word and Excel, driving easy and rapid adoption.

Via the Microsoft Office ribbon, internal auditors can:

  • Cross reference audit work with supporting files
  • Link points within attached Word, Excel, and PDF documents
  • Manage cross-audit linking
  • Compare multiple document drafts
  • Check documents in and out
  • Automate report creation using Word templates
  • Work with Word/Excel templates, which become audit-specific with one click
  • Easily print individual work papers or entire audit sections
  • Automatically convert work papers to PDF in order to share with external stakeholders
  • Print work papers as Word documents, which can be branded for distribution.

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