Internal audit software


Internal audit software that helps liberate audit teams from manual tasks and enriches internal audit’s dialog with the business.

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Manage your organization’s internal audit program efficiently

Create a risk-based approach to auditing
Identify risk criteria and define risk models; follow an audit universe composed of user-defined auditable entities; and link risk assessments to audits.
Monitor audit team results
Use the time reporting function to monitor chargeable (audits) and non-chargeable (non-audit) activities; track work papers in progress and in review; and see open action plans by auditor.
Manage the governance of the audit process
Create and share Microsoft Office-based electronic work papers; store work papers in a highly secure and centralized database; and set personal profiles and permissions.
Use surveys to enhance communication
Create web-enabled surveys; invite stakeholders who are not currently AutoAudit users; see responses in real-time; and build a survey history and database of questions and responses.
Deliver the reporting your organization needs
Design, produce, and distribute reports; create custom reports or leverage a library of standard report templates; increase management insight; and improve resource allocation and efficiency.

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