Connected Risk

Connect internal and external information from disparate sources for a holistic view of the risks that matter to you.

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Clarify the risks that matter

Connected Risk is our best-of-breed governance and compliance software platform, delivering optimal risk management through an enterprise-wide view of risk.

Drawing from various sources – third-party or non-standardized – into a single, aggregated view of risk, the platform prioritizes data using advanced mapping, and then makes the information easier to understand through a system of tags, structures, charts, and a shared taxonomy.

All risk data can be viewed both at a specific use case and an enterprise-wide level, on a dashboard tailored to meet your needs.

Configure to your needs

Connected Risk removes the limitations that often emerge when aligning an off-the-shelf system to existing risk processes or reporting standards.

It gives you the information you need to take action on your most pressing risks, letting you see the full picture of your risk profile, and therefore make better decisions with greater ease and efficiency. 



Our new platform makes it possible for you to absorb ever-increasing volumes of data with standardized, tailorable process automation through the deployment of connected solutions.

Take advantage of the complete suite of Thomson Reuters connected solutions to cover the full spectrum of risk management – Risk, Compliance, Audit, Regulatory Change, and Model Risk Management.


Build your own customized solutions within the platform according to specific business requirements.

The configurator tool is part of the out-of-the-box offering, and allows you to tailor a solution that meets your exact needs.


Using configuration tools to reduce costs of deployment and maintenance, the platform’s connected solutions can work with your current point solutions and processes.

This lets you to close costly gaps in coverage, replace unsuitable systems and get an accurate and complete view of your risk profile.

How Connected Risk can help you

Whatever your role, our connected solutions help you identify, assess, manage, and monitor risk across your enterprise.

Connected Risk, connected solutions

Connected Risk gives you the information you need to take action on your most pressing risks. It uniquely enables you to see the full picture of your risk profile.

You can link any one or all of our connected solutions to the platform. As a result, teams benefit from a high level overview of risks across these areas.

Connected Risk provides instant access to any data at any level. You start with the complete dashboard view, focus on what matters and then drill down to an increasingly granular level of detail until you’re satisfied you have sufficient information to support your decisions. 

For auditors

Our solution also understands the evolving role of audit: mid-cycle course corrections are now the 'new normal' and the traditional approach of setting and following an annual audit plan is no longer relevant in an era characterized by disruption. 

  • Flexible risk assessment capabilities
  • Agile audit planning
  • Streamlined audit execution, whilst leveraging existing legacy systems and maximizing the value of all available risk data within the organization

For compliance officers

Our flexible solution guides you through developing an efficient compliance framework that identifies, measures and reports compliance risk across your organization.

It ensures that you are operating within the constraints of agreed-upon controls. 

  • Track and manage the impact of regulatory change
  • Quickly and easily assess how each regulatory change could potentially affect the organization and therefore we cut through the noise
  • Map changes to your organization and empowering your compliance teams to manage change with speed and precision

For risk managers

Our flexible Risk Management solution ensures that the data supporting your decisions is reliable and complete.

It maps to your unique methodology and processes, drives efficiency and ensures that you remain fully risk aware, so that you have the confidence to embrace both disruption and risk. 

  • Manage your model inventory with a powerful workflow engine
  • Identify and track issues through to resolution
  • Meet regulatory requirements through flexible data mapping and integrated reporting

For other professionals

A wide range of professionals can benefit from Connected Risk.

As a next-generation risk management software platform, Connected Risk delivers trusted, reliable information about the risks relevant to your role within the organization.

  • Streamline workflows, and configure and adapt to your business needs
  • Drill down to a detailed level of risk data
  • Integrates external content with ease

Connected Risk

Adapt to evolving Enterprise Risk needs

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