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Connected Risk

Adapt to evolving Enterprise Risk needs with compliance software that takes an integrated approach to identifying the risks you need to act on most.

Clarify the risks that matter with a connected approach across all lines of defense

Organizations traditionally operate multiple risk processes on a range of technologies, using differing taxonomies, which generate different sets of risk outputs and data.

Connected Risk is a compliance software platform that enables your organization to truly understand its risk profile, by helping your teams gain greater insight into the risks you are exposed to and what needs to be actioned.

This compliance platform provides standardized, tailorable, automated processes that help you make informed decisions with greater ease and efficiency, by delivering a focused view of the audit, risk and compliance landscape. 

Consolidated data, consistent processes, actionable insight

Connected Risk provides the flexibility to consolidate multiple risk processes with internal and external risk data sources, where your organization can aggregate and break down data coming from varying sources, standardize it, structure and tag it - giving all of it a shared taxonomy.

This compliance software platform drives a consistent application of assessment processes across the organization, using tailored workflows and automated monitoring. This is underpinned by role-based security and audit trails, which provide a robust platform for collating, managing and reporting risk data.

A truly integrated platform

Connected Risk helps you mitigate and manage the risks that matter, and supports several modules – Risk Management, Compliance Management, Audit Management, Regulatory Change Management, Model Risk Management – that can be linked together on the platform.

All risk data can be viewed both at a specific use case level and via an enterprise-wide view on a dashboard tailored for you.

We also provide a developer option with our toolkit offering, where you can build your own set of solutions. This allows you to tailor these solutions to more closely align with your existing processes or particular needs, significantly reducing investment and operational costs.

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