Enterprise risk management

Enterprise Risk Manager

Whether you face well-known or emerging risks, you need a robust enterprise risk manager and framework to navigate these management challenges – or strategically seize opportunities.

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Connect risk information to decision-making

Enterprise Risk Manager lets you implement an operational risk or enterprise risk management (ERM) appetite framework.

It aids risk management by capturing information such as loss events, key risk indicators (KRIs), assessment responses, and scenario analysis data in a flexible and connected way, which you can then analyze and communicate effectively. 

What you gain from an award-winning solution

Connect your operational risk or enterprise risk appetite frameworks to the key decisions that drive strategic business value enhancement.

With its advanced reporting engine, powerful search, and friendly user interface, Enterprise Risk Manager offers a joined-up approach to risk with business stakeholders, senior management, and the board. By viewing risk through your organization’s different structures and reporting lines, the cause and impact of a risk can be fully understood.

Better understand the impact of risk

Risk data housed in Enterprise Risk Manager can power stress tests, operational risk capital modeling, scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, and other key risk analytics.

The solution supports a wide variety of regulatory approaches to operational risk and ERM, including the ‘use test.'  Evidencing operational risk framework activity to regulators is quick and easy, and action tracking capabilities ensure that issues or challenges are handled in a connected, efficient manner.

Add value through analysis and management

In a time when there is either too little or too much risk data, manual processes can put the focus on processing the risk information rather than adding value through analysis and management.

With Enterprise Risk Manager, you can understand risks in the context of your organization. Improve communication about risk appetite. Provide valuable insights to the business about its risk profile. And help your board understand complex risk choices.

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