Award-winning Risk Management Software

Enterprise Risk Manager

Risk management software that lets you take an intelligence-led approach to embedding operational risk or enterprise risk in your organization.

Strategic insight through connected risk intelligence

Adapts to most regulatory requirements or industry best practices
Flexible and adaptable to a variety of operational risk and enterprise risk management use cases. These include: all financial services operational risk regulatory frameworks; Solvency II’s operational risk requirements; the COSO’s new ERM framework; Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX); Germany’s BilMoG internal controls regulation; AS/NZS 4360 Risk Management Standard; and ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard.
Streamlines risk assessment and risk capture processes
Within our risk management software, users can create risk assessments – from the simple to the sophisticated – and send them out to the business units quickly and easily. Once the assessments are completed, the results can be viewed through dynamic dashboards, reported into the organization and acted upon.
Tracks loss events and risk impacts
Incident Tracking captures losses in a variety of ways, and enables organizations to validate losses through a process structure of their own choosing. The solution helps to analyze losses, and by doing so, helps the organization to better articulate the challenges that it faces.
Performs operational risk modeling quickly and easily
Modeling operational risk can seem complicated. The Quantification module takes the smoke and mirrors out of Advanced Measurement Approach regulatory capital modeling, as well as scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, and stress testing.
Provides comprehensive reporting and business intelligence
Getting senior management and the business to understand specific risk issues can often be challenging. That’s why in our risk management software, configurable dashboards and new reporting module are rated as valuable by existing users.

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