Global KYC managed service

KYC as a Service

An award-winning KYC managed service, built on best in class risk solutions with screening and monitoring across 240+ countries, 400+ sanctions and watchlists, and 100,000+ media sources.

Challenges in KYC and AML in 2017 4:09

For banks, investment managers and corporates

Lower client on-boarding costs
By utilizing economies of scale, our KYC managed service can offer significant cost savings on an end-to-end, in-house solution. Providing client identity information to financial institutions via KYC as a Service is free of charge for end-clients.
Efficient and consistent
Standardized identity document requirements provide consistency, resulting in less paperwork and administrative effort for both financial institutions and their clients. By managing the client identity process, we enable your staff to concentrate on revenue generating activities rather than managing client KYC processes.
Faster client on-boarding
Our centralized system provides access to data and documents that have already been requested by other members of the financial community, as well as Thomson Reuters on behalf of financial institutions. This central repository of client identity data saves time, reduces duplication of efforts, and allows financial institutions to conduct their own searches.
Secure and controlled access
A single set of documents and clear audit trail increases security of identity documents, specifically in terms of storage and dissemination. Permission-based access gives end-clients full control and visibility over who can access and see identity documents.
A future-proofed system
By offering a service that identifies and delivers the required documents to fulfill new regulatory needs, our KYC managed service ensures that you can avoid the cost and time expense of full-scale remediation, despite constantly changing requirements. Our KYC managed service has built in reporting and auditing capabilities that provide systematic proof of due diligence.
First class infrastructure and support
Thomson Reuters has the requisite, proprietary facilities to support this service. Information retrieval and validation is one of our areas of expertise, and we have the resources and ability to deliver this service to a level of quality that is unsurpassed. Thomson Reuters has served in the risk and compliance space for 15 years and our KYC as a Service is supported by best in class data to screen and monitor across 240+ countries, 530+ sanctions and watchlists, and access to 100,000+ media sources to ensure firms remain compliant. We are the most trusted data provider to the regulators and the regulated community.
Information security
Through working with the financial community and corporate entities for several decades, Thomson Reuters has developed and acquired numerous systems that require data security as a pre-requisite. We cover everything from secure coding standards and penetration testing of our software and our data centers, through to secure working environments and monitoring within our operation centers.

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