Legal Entity Identifier

LEI Profiling Service

Identify gaps in your legal entity identifier. Under MiFID II, No LEI means No Trade.

What is MiFID II? (1:41)

LEI Profiling Service

From January 3, 2018, the Markets in Financial Directive (MiFID II/MIFIR) require investment firms to obtain Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) from their clients prior to providing a service that would result in transaction reporting obligation. Market participants will not be able to trade with investment firms if they do not have LEI.

The Thomson Reuters Legal Entity Identifier Profiling Service is a client-specific report that will assist Financial Institutions to identify and resolve gaps within their LEI universes.

How it works

The Thomson Reuters LEI Profiling Service will allow clients to identify those entities which have yet to request LEIs and, equally important, where LEIs exist, their status. 

  • Clients send their list of entities of interest to Thomson Reuters.
  • Thomson Reuters then matches these against the Legal Entity Identifier records stored within the Thomson Reuters Verified Entity Data database (Thomson Reuters maintains 100% LEI coverage daily). 
  • The Reports are delivered back to clients contain line-by-line status on each LEI submitted.


This is a file based service that can be delivered to clients via file transfer protocol (FTP).

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