Model Risk Management underpinned with robust governance frameworks

Model Risk Management

Evidence a robust, clear and holistic model governance framework for internal and external stakeholders that accommodate global regulatory requirements with greater flexibility.

Thomson Reuters Connected Risk – Model Risk Management (3:36)

Drive disciplined model governance procedures

Thomson Reuters Model Risk Management, a solution on our Connected Risk platform, drives model governance with a simple yet powerful workflow engine, along with a clear evidence trail of your team’s acceptance or rejection of model changes. The solution automates issues management, provides clear audit trails, archives critical evidence and removes duplication.

This solution ensures all your model risk management and reporting is in one place and contains all critical information.


Ensure ongoing model risk management with real-time reporting to regulators, committees and cross-risk functions

Demonstrate a real-time understanding of your model risk landscape, with an ability to report on the governance status, sign-offs, supporting attachments and related issues from a single platform source. 

On-board existing and new models with ease and efficiency

The solution’s flexible and extensible data model allows for further model types to be added to the platform in a phased approach. With our integrated reporting capabilities, your teams can classify this information into relevant sections across the entire inventory. 

The underlying multi-tiered security model ensures that the correct access rights are maintained for security purposes, with the added assurance that all relevant information is logged to the right business owner for review. 

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