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Compliance Learning

Customized online compliance training designed to fit your organization’s unique needs, including anti-money laundering, diversity, sensitivity, and HIPAA courses.

The advantages of a global compliance training solution

Our online compliance training provides practical, interactive, and cost-effective compliance training courses that assists in changing behavior and supports a culture of integrity in the workplace.

Employing instructional design techniques optimized for risk and compliance training and accompanied with a full audit trail, courses are driven by practical examples and interactive scenarios to ensure users truly understand and recognize compliance issues.

Our courses are fully customizable and tailored to support your business at a country, regional, and global level.

A foundation of engaging compliance training

Our suite of training solutions can provide your organization with an arsenal of compliance learning content to build and support a culture of compliance and effectively manage risk year-round.

Course Catalog – Content for our course library is powered by world-leading regulatory intelligence, tracking over 500 regulators and exchanges globally. Courses are updated in response to the latest regulatory and legislative changes.

Microlearning Suite – A supplemental solution that changes the approach to online compliance training from a ‘once-a-year’ event to a steady flow of interesting and informative training. Short, impactful 5-minute learning modules reinforce key concepts and help to keep compliance top-of-mind.

Video Library – Videos can be used independently or interchangeably to keep compliance appealing and fresh. Covering a variety of topics, they comprise high-quality, scenario-based vignettes lasting 1-5 minutes, immersing learners in scenarios, stories, and activities that help to motivate employees and act appropriately.

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