KYC compliance

Org ID

A global solution developed to simplify and streamline counterparty due diligence and the ongoing maintenance of Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance records.

Thomson Reuters Org ID breaks an operational milestone by building, publishing, and maintaining 190,663 KYC records.


Introducing Thomson Reuters Org ID (2:00)

Conducting world-class KYC due diligence

Org ID collects, classifies, and verifies a client’s identity. It builds KYC records against a global standardized policy, reducing the time and cost of KYC due diligence while meeting the demands of compliance and regulators worldwide.

Org ID is the only service to provide integrated screening and ongoing monitoring to detect changes in your legal entity status.

At its core is the Thomson Reuters Permanent Identifier (PermID), which gives every piece of information a unique identifier that won’t change over time, providing clear mapping for all content sets across Thomson Reuters.

The efficient way of responding to KYC

Upload, maintain, and streamline the distribution of one set of KYC compliance documents to multiple, authorized financial institutions through the Org ID secure portal. Eliminate the duplicative work and control the escalating costs associated with responding to an ever-increasing number of KYC due diligence requests.

We identify and classify a client’s risk category, verify their identity, and screen all related parties to create a KYC record. Unlike any other service, we continuously monitor for changes and automatically refresh client due diligence information.

Built-in auditing capabilities allow effective reporting between the board, the business, and regulators.

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