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Risk Management

Harness the ability to turn risk management into a competitive advantage through a configurable solution that flexes to your unique methodology, while providing a holistic view of risk.

Risk Management (6:15)

Undertake risk and control self-assessment

Thomson Reuters Risk Management, a solution on our Connected Risk platform, utilizes a flexible assessment engine that takes into account the unique methodology of each individual client. The solution employs powerful data mapping capabilities to draw on many sources of data when completing risk management assessments. Benefit from tracking a full history of multiple risk profiles, while leveraging and integrating existing risk solutions to achieve an aggregated view of risk.

This risk management solution equips organizations with the tools needed to quickly identify, capture, manage and mitigate multiple sources of risk across an entire enterprise. 

Manage your risk appetite and reporting

Risk appetites can be defined and tracked at any point within the data structure. This allows for a more dynamic view of the risk profile, recognizing the varying sensitivity to risk across functions and processes.

Any breach of risk tolerance is reportable, with associated alerting. All collated risk information is exposed through an integrated reporting engine that allows for the configuration of reports, charts, heat maps, etc. This, allied to powerful data mapping, allows for the creation of a tailored risk management solution to match the firm’s exact methodology and ethos. 

Benefit from a flexible data model

More sources of risk information mean that a flexible data model is required. Thomson Reuters Risk Management has the ability to leverage disparate data sources with integration into third party systems, allowing the user to benefit from a ‘best of both’ offering. Local taxonomies can still be maintained, but reporting can be performed across a common enterprise-wide taxonomy.

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