Effective risk analysis as part of our connected risk solutions

Risk Management

Ensure that a full view of your risk portfolio informs your decisions with flexible risk analysis and a connected perspective

Embrace risk through a connected perspective

Risk aggregation from all data sources for one holistic, enterprise view
Thomson Reuters Risk Management provides the flexibility to leverage existing niche risk management solutions - which may have been configured to a specific use case - via direct data exchange, to tailor your own risk solutions on our platform or, to implement our best-practice, out-of-the-box solution and refine to specification. With any of these approaches you are able to draw from multiple sources of risk information for effective risk analysis without mandating a universal taxonomy allowing you to meaningfully consolidate different risk types to arrive at an overall risk score.
Be agile with your risk analysis using a flexible assessment engine and highly configurable data model
Specialist requirements can be implemented through configuration using dynamic building blocks in order to tailor the solution to the business’ exact methodology. Further, Thomson Reuters Risk Management is able to ingest information into the system from multiple and disparate systems and easily link data points with a drag and drop interface. You can extract maximum value from this information through efficient data mapping. There is no need for a universal taxonomy – the solution can maintain multiple taxonomies and interrelationships to provide an aggregated picture of risk.
Easily adapt to your changing business needs
You no longer need to adapt your processes to a rigid prescribed workflow and process. Thomson Reuters Risk Management evolves in line with your business, your risk profile and your risk processes. Easily react to disruption with a platform that can be modified through configurable drag-and-drop interfaces.
Quickly identify, assess, and manage incidents with an easy to use risk analysis reporting engine
Thomson Reuters Risk Management allows you to capture and manage incidents and understand their impact. All data is available to view in a highly configurable reporting engine that delivers user friendly reports, dashboards and heat maps.

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