Denied party and KYC screening

Screening Resolution Service

Our KYC and third party screening service highlights positive and possible matches for any customer identification program, detecting heightened risk individuals and entities.

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Implement compliant KYC and third party risk programs

Companies with an international footprint need to implement effective internal control procedures. This helps ensure  compliance with the full range of legal requirements and reduces exposure to risk during the customer onboarding, screening, and monitoring process.

Supply chains, business associates, joint ventures, and acquisition targets are particularly likely to present unknown risks to an organization. Ignorance can no longer be a defense. Despite the pace of business today, organizational management is expected to know who they are doing business with and what the laws require.

By using Thomson Reuters Screening Resolution Service – which leverages other, leading Thomson Reuters assets to screening due diligence on an organization’s behalf – the overall cost of compliance can be reduced, and departments are freed up to focus their efforts on other important activities like tracking and implementing regulatory change.

Advantages for corporate and financial service firms

By using Thomson Reuters Screening Resolution Service, organizations will be able to:
  • Gain a competitive edge in critical bid scenarios that may be time-sensitive
  • Lower overall costs of operation
  • Demonstrate a complete audit trail to regulators
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Adopt a proactive approach to identifying changes in risk
  • Reduce financial and reputational risk

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