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Match, enrich, and maintain legal entity reference data

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Legal entity data

Sourcing and maintaining legal entity data has become more complex and costly. Increased business requirements and regulatory reporting pressure means a greater number of stakeholders within an organization now need access to legal entity data.

Avox is an established, market leading, global legal entity reference data service for the financial industry.  Avox independently collects, validates and maintains a database of over 2.4 million entities from over 190 countries. Avox ensures that your core client, counterparty, supplier and/or issuer data is accurate, and appropriately linked to parent entity records and cross referenced to industry codes and your own internal client IDs.

Avox matches, enriches and maintains legal entity reference data, delivering corporate hierarchies, registered address information, industry sector codes and company identifiers. This approach ensures that clients can rely on accurate and timely data available to facilitate decision making and regulatory reporting.

How it works

The Avox Managed Data Service (MDS) involves the management (matching, enriching, maintaining) of 58 data fields which make up a “core” entity record. Information for these data fields includes identifiers like LEI and SWIFT BIC, Addresses, Industry Classifications and Corporate hierarchies.

The Avox Enhanced Data Service (EDS) comprises modular based offerings to support clients regulatory reporting requirements. In addition to the MDS “core” entity records clients will receive additional data classifications as defined by each regulatory reporting requirement. Existing EDS modules include Dodd-Frank, EMIR, FATCA and FCA Transaction Reporting.

Our experienced team of analysts search for new reliable sources of entity data focused on government, regulatory stock exchange and accredited business registry sources. 

Flexible delivery options

Avox legal entity data can be accessed via a number of different methods.

Clients can use any combination of:

  • Online User Interface
  • Upload and receipt of bulk entity files
  • Web services (client web server communication to/from Avox core database) for single or bulk entity data management.

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