Transaction monitoring software

Transaction Monitoring

The Transaction Monitoring software solution offers intuitive predictive modeling. It minimizes false positives and increases accuracy, all while saving time and money.

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Easy-to-use case management software

Sophisticated predictive modeling
To ensure that transaction monitoring is more substantial than the act of a random 'data grab', our transaction monitoring software is systemic and consistent, incorporating three telling behavior patterns.
Increased control of the screening and monitoring process
The easy-to-use case management software solution helps to track and manage any alerted behavior.
Increased security and peace of mind
Our transaction monitoring software allows for internal hosting for the utmost privacy when required by law to keep data in-country or as directed by company policy.
Quick, simple installation
Installation requires no extensive training and is included in the license fee. Transaction Monitoring has minimal impact on internal operations and IT infrastructure, and does not need dedicated technical resources to manage it on a daily basis.
Easy remediation
Advanced workflow and case management for multi-user teams provide individuals with an escalation path, and share the task of reviewing screening matches.
Continual monitoring
Automated, ongoing network monitoring based on your requirements enables individuals to enter a name or batch of names to be screened, which can be saved for monitoring purposes.
Decreased false positives
Secondary identifiers allow individuals to conduct a search based on secondary identifying fields in the World-Check data, such as date of birth and country of origin.
Powerful linguistic technology
Sophisticated matching engine analyzes the structure of a name and performs an intelligent comparison using advanced linguistic algorithms.
Powerful screening API
Incorporate your customer database with the screening API matching engine adapter. Automate risk screening to cover your KYC, AML, CFT, and PEP requirements.

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