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The trusted and accurate source of risk intelligence made available to help your organization meet its regulatory obligations, for AML, KYC and third party risk compliance.

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Specialist research and content sets

The research process
Risk intelligence is sourced from the public domain, is de-duplicated, structured into individual reports, and linked where associations or networks occur. As a result, profiles show networks and links to associated entities, not found on official lists.
Extension, opt-in - independent content sets
We offer opt-in, extension and independent content sets that fall within the broader remit of KYC risk intelligence. These sets are included for your convenience but they are independent from Thomson Reuters, so additional terms, conditions, and disclaimers may apply to the use of such services.
Iran Economic Interest (IEI)
Allows clients to screen all of their customers, partners, employees, and business transactions for potential Iran sanction risk. Supported by a specialist Iran Enhanced Due Diligence Report.
Sanction set
For payment processing compliance, designed to be used as part of an automated compliance screening process. It supplies global organizations that screen time-sensitive money transfers and conduct high-speed financial transactions, with the most up-to-date sanctions information for fast, reliable screening.
The System for Award Management (SAM) is a U.S. government initiative to consolidate procurement databases, which include lists of excluded and restricted parties. SAM contains organizations and entities that are either restricted or prohibited from doing business with the US government.
Country Risk Ranking intelligence
Detailed risk based information on more than 240 countries and territories. Such information pertains to the specific country, as opposed to any particular report subject located in that jurisdiction.
IHS maritime vessel data
Reveals the identity, location, and ownership structure of a vessel. Includes among others, previous vessel names, current and previous ownership structure, and details on all sea-going, self-propelled merchant ships of 100 GT and above, irrespective of their classification.
Report subjects
All report subjects have the right to contact World-Check to request a copy of the data held on them, and to request that we consider updates or corrections as appropriate.

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