Client due diligence

World-Check One

A more targeted approach to client due diligence, screening for money laundering, sanctions, and threat finance, as well as monitoring of politically exposed persons.

Easy-to-use interface. Simplifying the compliance workflow.

Collaboration tools
Enhanced enterprise-level case management capabilities facilitate work on cases with assigned colleagues and teams when investigating risk to ensure all decisions and discussions are captured as part of your audit trail within the system.
Secondary matching
Multiple secondary identifiers in World-Check risk intelligence, combined with configurable name matching algorithms and filtering technology in World-Check One, help to reduce false positives to a minimum.
Part of your due diligence process
Each step of the screening process is tracked and saved for auditing purposes. To support regulator demands, organizations can retrieve a detailed report showing the decision-making process and individuals involved during every stage of remediation.
More precision, less noise
Focus on the information that matters. World-Check One enables greater customization and control at the name matching level to screen against specific lists or datasets, or specific fields within those datasets, such as gender, nationality, and date of birth.
Get more done with less
Customizable searches, reduced false positives, ongoing screening capability, and improved workflow can result in reduced cycle times, enabling our customers to manage their time and focus their investigations appropriately.
Intelligent teamwork
The case management tool enables managers to define customized workflow to route cases to the right individuals and specialist teams, reducing cycle times and promoting speed and efficiency.
Audit capability
Benefit from an extensive auditing capability with date-stamped actions for all users and administrators involved in the match resolution process. It includes detailed reports that can be used as part of management reporting and regulatory proof of due diligence.
Media Check
With Media Check's use of powerful technology you can pinpoint the media content most relevant to helping meet your regulatory and legislative compliance requirements. Media Check has many benefits that include enhanced compliance workflow, and the assurance that only relevant content is presented to compliance professionals. This is achieved through intelligent searching, a unique AML taxonomy, and machine learning algorithms. The result is a reduction in false positives and improved content navigation leading to better and more informed decision-making. Media Check also provides continuous, up-to-date media and data monitoring.
Watchlist Screening
Enables you to upload and manage your internal and public third party lists to screen alongside the World-Check data in one simple work-flow. The Watchlist Screening functionality offers seamless integration with your existing KYC and customer on-boarding processes, while leveraging the award winning functionality of World-Check One, including reporting, customizable resolution options and on-going monitoring of names.
Profile subjects
All profile subjects have the right to contact World-Check to request a copy of the data held on them, and to request that we consider updates or corrections as appropriate.
World-Check One API
The new World-Check One API allows the integration of World-Check One’s advanced features into CRMs and other internal systems, streamlining the screening process for onboarding, Know Your Customer (KYC), and Third Party Risk due diligence.

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