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  • Global challenges and solutions around financial crime 2018

    Financial crime is still growing despite companies spending $1.28 trillion a year to mitigate. Download this interactive infographic to learn country specific stats around financial crime challenges. Avoid economic loss, punishment and reputational damage by incorporating customer and third...

  • Counting the global loss of financial crime

    The true cost of financial crime extends far beyond pure economics. Critical social and humanitarian consequences impact the lives of millions of individuals across the globe on a daily basis. Download this interactive infographic to see crime segments compared and to better understand the...

  • Cost of Compliance 2018

    Compliance and risk practitioners from nearly 800 financial services firms across the world, including banks, brokers, asset managers and insurers, have taken part in Thomson Reuters ninth annual Cost of Compliance survey – As with previous years, the report builds on annual surveys of similar...

  • True Cost of Financial Crime

    Financial crime is multi-faceted, multi-national and very often invisible, making it hard to identify, measure and combat. Its impact is felt in many ways. In our 2018 independent survey, we reveal the scale of the challenge, we measure the impact it has on business, society and people, and we...

  • Culture & Conduct Risk 2018 Infographic

    Thomson Reuters has completed its fifth annual survey on how firms around the world are managing the challenges presented by the regulatory focus on culture and conduct risk.

  • World-Check Customer Risk Screener: Meeting your needs for an easier screening solution

    This infographic will help you understand how the World-Check Customer Risk Screener simplifies the customer experiences using technology and intelligence, all within your Salesforce workflow

  • Thomson Reuters World-Check helping to prevent financial crime

    This infographic highlights the regulatory environment, financial threats & costs and World-Check features.

  • Fintech, Regtech, and the role of compliance 2017

    Technology is driving rapid change in financial services, with the latest developments seen as revolution rather than evolution. Click to view the infographic which highlights the key findings from our survey.

  • Five Key Risks for Firms in 2018

    Infographic For financial services firms and their regulators much of 2017 was devoted to implementation programmes with the impending deadline for the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II and associated Regulation (MiFID II/R).

  • Ten Priorities for Compliance Officers in 2018

    An infographic outlining the top 10 priorities for Compliance Officers in 2018. A look at the newest changes and trends that compliance officers should look out for in 2018.