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  • UK white paper —the problem with equivalence

    The UK government has published its detailed white paper on the UK’s proposed future relationship with the European Union after the UK leaves the Union. Read this article to explore whether the new “equivalence” concept differs meaningfully from “mutual recognition” and whether the EU can adopt...

  • KYC policy variations: Can we achieve industry standardization?

    The absence of harmonization in guidance and expectations has led to multiple approaches and interpretations of KYC laws across the financial services industry. While a genuine desire for standardization exists, in reality variances in implementation between countries and, frequently, within a...

  • A Blockchain Enabled KYC Solution: New Horizon or False Dawn?

    Against a backdrop of escalating costs, complex manual processes and increased regulatory scrutiny, financial institutions are required to critically evaluate their operating procedures and look to innovative technologies to retain profitability and ensure compliance with global regulations.

  • Regulatory Drivers in Model Risk Management

    This paper explores the global regulatory efforts driving change within model risk management and the emerging guidelines that are providing structure to model risk.

  • Money laundering through China: Systemic weaknesses are facilitating global financial crime

    This article takes a look at the systemic weaknesses within China’s financial system that have been in the spotlight in recent years as a result of multiple money-laundering investigations spanning the globe. China has responded to increased pressure and criticism that the mainland is “becoming...

  • The banking industry and crime

    Less than 1% of financial crime through the banking system is identified. The remainder creates waste for banks, destroys trust and negatively impacts society. This paper looks at the evolution of the relationship between banking and crime, including the history, the present and the potential...

  • Formulating Your Internal Audit Data and Technology Strategy

    This paper explores how the changing role of an Internal Audit impacts how an audit team must collaborate with other functions in providing assurance, how this impacts data consumption and, in turn, how this shapes technology requirements.

  • The Emerging Role of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once the domain of fanciful science fiction books and films, but now the technology has become commonplace. From driverless vehicles to virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri, AI has become a part of everyday life. Now AI is having a significant impact on...

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) Innovation: The Rise of Jurisdictional Managed Services

    The regulatory backdrop against which banks, other FIs and regulated entities must conduct their KYC is characterized by complexity. Where will this take us in 2017 and will KYC managed services provide the answer?

  • Seven Essential Skills for Success

    Compliance Week and the Open Compliance and Ethics Group have teamed up to provide readers with this regular illustrated series on governance, risk, and compliance programs.