Thomson Reuters Audit Manager increases the productivity of your entire internal audit management process, including risk assessment, planning, scheduling, preparation, review, report generation, global issue tracking and administration. This empowers you to focus on what really matters – understanding and communicating ways in which your organization can improve its internal controls and processes.
  • Top class internal audit management solutions used by hundreds of companies globally
  • A range of solutions to fit your audit framework requirements
  • World-renowned professional services team available to implement
  • Deployment options include cloud, hosted and installed

The audit and internal controls disciplines are undergoing a major shift in emphasis. Largely focused on complying with legal and regulatory requirements in the past, today’s audit and internal controls teams are now being called upon to drive an approach that moves them beyond simply being a third line of defense.

Delivering Shareholder Value through Improved Audit Management

Senior managers and Boards are looking to audit and internal control departments to help them understand how they can improve the way they manage risks, controls and processes across the organization. Delivering this kind of added-value insight means audit and internal controls teams must evolve beyond manual spreadsheets and documents. Resources spent managing the audit or internal controls life-cycle must be reduced and redeployed to drive strategic analysis, recommendations on alternative approaches to processes and controls and a better understanding of the risks faced by organizations. Our suite of audit and internal controls-focused solutions provides end-to-end life-cycle management that is based on 15 years of industry best practice. Thomson Reuters Audit Manager lets you and your team focus on performing your job, so that you can concentrate on what really matters to your organization.

  • Reduce the time and resources an individual audit requires, while improving overall quality
  • Implement a risk-based audit framework to ensure key priorities are assessed first
  • Free your auditors to deliver more analysis and better reporting to key stakeholders
  • Improve the quality of the information you deliver to your senior management and Board audit committee

Simplifying and Connecting Internal Controls Testing

Thomson Reuters realizes that fulfilling internal controls testing regulatory obligations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, J-SOX, or KonTraG, should not be an end in itself. This is why our solution simplifies and streamlines the processes around internal control obligations, capturing all activities and ensuring that controls testing is a sustainable, repeatable process. Whether internal audit or a dedicated controls department performs such activities, we know that the focus should be on delivering shareholder value as an outcome. With Thomson Reuters solutions, your organization can:

  • Plan and schedule audits and internal control reviews, track time and manage budgets
  • Automate risk assessments
  • Use electronic work papers to capture audit and control-related documentation
  • Capture, manage and organize the work product of internal audit in a structured way
  • Create and implement action plans to resolve audit or controls issues
  • Provide visibility and transparency to organizational stakeholders
  • Review and approve audits, audit programs, control programs and work papers
  • Benefit from a central database of information, automated planning and resource management

Bringing Together Audit and GRC

Thomson Reuters Audit Manager is an integrated part of the Thomson Reuters portfolio of solutions, designed to help your organization drive a connected, value-enhancing approach to governance, risk and compliance (GRC) as well as enterprise risk management (ERM). Your program can also be connected directly to other aspects of your GRC or ERM programs, so that you have access to the same data and can use the same taxonomy as your audit, risk management, compliance or internal controls teams. This powerful, integrated approach means that you can fully understand the issues which your first and second lines of defense are grappling with. This enhanced understanding enables your team to target resources effectively, whilst delivering maximum value. For example, you can:

  • Deliver more effective audits of the risk and compliance departments
  • Streamline remediation activities thanks to an organization-wide understanding of GRC
  • Create connected awareness of risk and control issues to drive enhanced corporate performance

Key Features

Key Benefits

Robust audit and issue tracking functionality

Centralized data capture, risk assessment, reporting and documentation boost productivity immediately and increase efficiencies, while reducing costs and improving the quality of audits. Thomson Reuters Audit Manager will assist you in driving consistency, with access to a vast library of standard templates, checklists and frameworks that promote adherence to management-approved steps and professional practices.

Real-time visibility

A secure and centralized database provides a complete global view of audit progress and results. You will have the ability to share risks and risk assessments, audit findings, key risk areas and recommendations across the internal audit department and provide quantifiable evidence of compliance through real-time dashboards and reports.

Comprehensive reporting

Automated report generation delivers real-time, actionable information to management, so that they can assure stakeholders that effective frameworks are in place.

Flexible deployment options

On-premise perpetual license, on-demand or hosted perpetual license options mean that Thomson Reuters Audit Manager will fit into your current audit and risk processes, providing you with maximum benefit with minimum disruption.

Full internal controls management

Establish a centralized system of internal controls that lets you share process, risk and control data in a central library. Multiple departments can support their assurance goals and eliminate redundant efforts by accessing work done by other groups.

Automated resource planning

Maximize your resources by easily matching staff skill sets and key attributes to each audit.

Highly secure and centralized database

By centralizing data capture, business process management and reporting, you can boost productivity immediately, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve the overall quality of financial, IT and operational audits.

With one central system, you will be able to share audit findings, key risk areas and recommendations and your auditors can save countless hours of repetitious moving and copying of information.

A vast library of standard templates

Provides a framework to drive a repeatable and consistent audit process, with adherence to management-approved steps and professional practices.

Robust risk assessment capability

With Thomson Reuters Audit Manager, your auditors are able to spend less time identifying and testing internal controls and place greater emphasis on measuring risks and investigating material threats and control weaknesses.

Product Name

Product Benefits

Thomson Reuters AutoAudit

Thomson Reuters AutoAudit is an audit software solution that enables your firm to standardize, automate and manage your audit processes more effectively, improving the productivity, efficiency and consistency of the internal audit department.

Thomson Reuters AutoAudit is easy to use and install with no special hardware requirements. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office, AutoAudit allows you to create Word, Excel or PowerPoint files so that you can continue to use familiar files and existing documents without the need to learn new software.

And with features for risk assessment, planning, issue tracking and administration, AutoAudit is the most efficient way to manage your audit department.

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Thomson Reuters Enterprise GRC

With Thomson Reuters Enterprise GRC, you are able to standardize, automate and manage key aspects of the audit process. The solution contains a vast library of standard templates that provide the framework needed to drive a repeatable and consistent audit process and promote adherence to management approved steps and professional practices.

Thomson Reuters Enterprise GRC is also fully configurable to deliver benefits as an internal control or risk management solution. It is available in three flexible deployment options to suit your unique business requirements – on premise, on-demand and hosted.

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