Give your organization a competitive advantage with a strategic approach to the regulatory change management process. Thomson Reuters Compliance Manager enables organizations to create a simplified and connected approach to managing regulatory change. Compliance executives can bring a strategic perspective to managing the impact of rule changes, and reach better informed business decisions.
  • Driven by Thomson Reuters award-winning regulatory and risk content
  • Empowers compliance risk management across your organization
  • Implemented by our world-class professional services team of risk and compliance experts

In today's highly-regulated environment, effective regulatory change management needs to be a sustainable and repeatable process. Compliance organizations need to be able to implement change programs without having to focus on managing the process itself. Evidencing these changes to senior management, the board and regulators, is also of crucial importance. Compliance professionals need to be enabled to actively manage regulatory change with speed and precision. Our structured approach helps your organization avoid the high cost of non-compliance, better manage compliance resources, and drive a more strategic approach to business decisions.

Capture Regulatory Change

The use of traditional 'manual' approaches such as spreadsheets and ad-hoc processes to manage regulatory change are no longer sufficient in the current regulatory landscape. If your organization is not able to anticipate compliance risk, how can your team take regulatory change into account when shaping business strategy?

Thomson Reuters Compliance Manager connects regulatory change management processes to Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence. Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence is powered by a global team of Thomson Reuters journalists, editors and subject matter experts, providing the information you need to interpret emerging legislation and regulation and apply it to the context of your own industry and organization. Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence covers more than 500 regulators and over 900 rulebooks globally. The Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence team issues an average of 130 regulatory alerts daily, coupled with expert analysis to ensure your organization is receiving all of the relevant information necessary to make informed business decisions. This information powers the regulatory change management engine, ensuring that you never miss an important regulatory event and that you action the necessary changes quickly and effectively.

Content sets include:

  • Financial services
  • Insurance

Understand Your Regulatory Profile

The Thomson Reuters team of compliance experts provides organizations with a view of their baseline regulatory position across jurisdictions. Our compliance experts can assist organizations in creating an inventory of regulations relevant to the business. After understanding your organization's risk categories and taxonomies, the Thomson Reuters team will perform a gap analysis by reviewing each rule and mapping it to the appropriate business unit, policy and procedure.

Communicate about Compliance

Thomson Reuters Compliance Manager enables organizations to report on compliance quickly and easily, using:

  • Online dashboards, to provide organizations with real time views of data in a graphical format, and are configurable, drillable, and the information can be exported for further reporting.
  • Ad hoc reporting, which enables end users to render reports in HTML, Microsoft Word, or Excel formats. Report templates can be stored for re-use and may be made private or public.
  • Enterprise Board Reporting, which combines the features and capabilities of Microsoft Word with compliance information to enable report designers to configure information. Organizations can adapt the 'look and feel' to match the preferred business template.
  • Advanced reporting, which provides organizations' report designers with increased capabilities, which include full charting features, heat map creation, embedded calculations, and conditional formatting.

Key Features

Key Benefits

Regulatory information and updates from the most trusted source in financial services, Thomson Reuters

With our global coverage of more than 400 regulators and exchanges, you can track hundreds of regulatory events that affect your business.

The comprehensive and diverse coverage of our regulatory intelligence provides the information you need in order to make informed business decisions and put the necessary controls in place.

Data capture, workflow and reporting that supports compliance activities

Thomson Reuters Compliance Manager streamlines your compliance processes and can greatly improve:

  • Audit report review
  • Preparation for compliance and regulatory examinations
  • Complaint handling
  • Filing tracking
  • Dealing with new legal and regulatory requirements
  • Determining that a firm’s supervisory procedures are sufficient
  • Suspicious activity reporting

Special Report

Rising Personal Liability - Perception And Reality: How Best To Manage Personal Regulatory Risk

Survey results can tell one many things but when the data all points in the same direction it validates the underlying point, in this instance the focus on personal liability in financial services.

Special Report

Cost of Compliance 2015

Thomson Reuters has undertaken its annual survey into the cost of compliance and the challenges firms expect to face in the year ahead. Nearly 600 compliance professionals from financial services firms across the world took part in the survey. The report builds on annual surveys of similar respondents conducted over the last six years, and where relevant highlights year-on-year trends and developments.

Special Report

State of Regulatory Reform 2016

Compliance professionals can be certain of one thing in 2016; it promises to be another unforgiving year. Regulatory burden and personal liability are expected to increase, European legislation is posing concern and in the United States the regulatory tide shows few signs of ebbing. Read this special report on the State of Regulatory Reform to learn more.


How to Manage Conflicts of Interest: A Question of Culture

Culture, risk appetite and administering an effective “tone at the top” are vital aspects in every organization. A well-supported, multi-pronged approach that raises awareness, provides training and regularly reviews processes is therefore also essential. This whitepaper explores the right and wrong ways to do this, and who has missed the mark.


What’s Compliance Worth?

A new wave of regulators are reconceiving compliance at a strategic level and are raising the bar on the quality and quantity of demand for compliance specialists around the world. Review this whitepaper to explore how an organization's spending pattern on compliance officers and compliance departments points to this radical shift in the governance agenda.


Managing Regulatory Change and Compliance Risk

An effective approach to the regulatory change management process involves a high level of engagement and coordination among compliance professionals. A step-by-step overview of the activities involved in each part of the compliance process can help organizations establish a clear focus of what is required of them individually, and collectively – leading to a more identifiable path to ensuring compliance and creating opportunity.


Regulatory Change Management: Five Steps To Staying Regulator-Ready

The year of 2015 brings changes for compliance professionals as they strive to manage the growing rate and complexity of regulations. A number of new regulations are set to become effective in the coming years and compliance teams are enacting the necessary steps to prepare. Streamlined regulatory change management protocols help establish an organization’s focus on the role of the compliance function - individually and collectively - and help lead to a more identifiable path to ensure compliance.