Thomson Reuters Country Risk Ranking (formerly Country-Check) provides customers with detailed risk-based information on more than 240 countries and territories, divided into criminal, economic, and political factors. Develop an accurate view of your location based risk and prove Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Anti-Corruption due diligence to your regulator.
  • Manage your risk based approach more efficiently
  • Optimized for AML and anti-corruption compliance
  • 200+ sources from 50+ respected international organizations
  • Enable a ranking of countries-by-risk
  • Fully integrated into the World-Check application
  • Auditable proof of due diligence with downloadable reports

Typical Uses

Objective decision making - when a Know Your Customer (KYC) screening hit has been verified as a true positive, customers must make a decision as to whether to engage in the business relationship. Country risk intelligence can be a powerful tool in that decision.

Supplier on boarding – Organizations with global supply chains are subject to strict anti-corruption laws like the FCPA, UKBA and more recently the UK Modern Slavery Act. Country risk intelligence can be a critical tool in mitigating these location based risks and stay on top of developments.

Risk Based PEP screening – Check a PEP that has been flagged in the KYC screen for any possible location based risk.For premium subscription clients a PEP Filter is available as one of the dynamic Data-file download options.

Product launch or distribution – Develop or restrict launch and distribution activity based on for example, corporate risks or prevalence of counterfeiting in a particular region.

Charity groups or donor aid – Determine which countries pose a heightened risk for money laundering and corruption or identify those jurisdictions that have weak legislation, control or enforcement. Use knowledge to inform your decision on the amount of due diligence required, and for example whether aid should be given to any government entity, within a certain jurisdiction.

Transaction Monitoring – Suspicious accounts can be screened for risk based on their location and help to focus enhanced due diligence efforts.

Integrated into World-Check

As an advanced feature of Thomson Reuters World-Check Online, compliance departments are able to do their Customer Due Diligence screening against World-Check Risk Intelligence, while at the same time checking for location based risk using the full capabilities of Thomson Reuters Country Risk Ranking – all within the same system. Thomson Reuters Country Risk Ranking and Thomson Reuters World-Check Online customers have a powerful advantage.

Key Features

Key Benefits

Country and Territory Coverage

240+ countries and territories covered. By separating countries and territories we are able to provide a more accurate picture of risk in cases where territories have a different regulatory environment than their parent countries.

Frequency of Updates

Thomson Reuters Country Risk Ranking updates the source material as soon as it is available ensuring the most up-to date content from our source providers.

Source Coverage and Inclusion

200+ independent sources from more than 50 respected international organizations and think tanks to provide objective, fact-based ranking. Examples include:

  • World Bank
  • FATF
  • World Economic Forum
  • OECD
  • European Union
  • United Nations
  • CIA – The World Factbook
  • Transparency CPI
Add Own Sources

Customers can submit their own source material. Thomson Reuters Country Risk Ranking will perform an assessment of applicability, usability and request permission from the source owner for use within Thomson Reuters Country Risk Ranking.

Also Available As Downloadable Data-File

Some customers have preferred to import the data directly into their internal systems for greater efficiency in their compliance operations. The Thomson Reuters Country Risk Ranking Data-File download enables fast and efficient downloads of the content in CSV and XML format and comes with industry standard security protocols. For example, country risk ratings and scores can be imported and used as part of a bank’s transaction monitoring program. Use country scores to adjust the monitoring system to flag or alert investigators of transactions from high risk areas.