Thomson Reuters Policy Manager is a comprehensive solution tailored to meet your policy management needs, from tracking the regulatory changes that matter to your organization, to following the progress of your staff’s understanding of policy updates through to confirmation. Thomson Reuters Policy Manager ensures that your organization stays informed about the potential impact of regulatory change on internal policies and procedures. This is achieved by enabling your organization to link internal policies to the relevant regulatory rulebooks.
  • A policy management solution used by a range of organizations globally
  • Driven by Thomson Reuters regulatory rulebooks
  • Tailored to your organization by our professional services team
  • Designed to support a best practice approach to policy management

In the current regulatory environment, policy management can no longer be a series of “one-off” tick-box projects. The volume and rate of regulatory change mean that more and more time is spent by compliance teams deciding whether to create or amend internal policies and procedures and, if a policy change occurs, driving that change into the organization’s compliance culture. Thomson Reuters Policy Manager delivers a streamlined approach to policy management that saves your organization time, reduces your exposure to compliance risk and enables key staff to focus on other business priorities.

Minimize Your Exposure to Compliance Risk

Thomson Reuters Policy Manager offers your organization a direct connection between external changes to regulations and rules, and the firm’s internal policies. This reduces the delay between rule changes and compliant behavior and helps to reduce your organization’s exposure to compliance risk, as the relevant teams are alerted when there is a policy change that may need to be actioned. Organizations that implement Thomson Reuters Policy Manager benefit from:

  • Improved effectiveness in tracking rule changes that impact internal policies
  • A greater ability to evidence policy change implementation to key stakeholders
  • Reduced compliance and regulatory risk
  • An enhanced ability to evidence historical and current versions of policy content

Effective Policy Management and Increased Visibility

Thomson Reuters Policy Manager offers a comprehensive record keeping function that increases transparency for compliance officers and senior management by providing a comprehensive overview of who has been assigned updated policies for review. With this, compliance and senior management can be confident that there is effective distribution and reporting of changes to internal policies. The solution is able to generate reports that track progress on reading that has been assigned by compliance officers to relevant staff across the organization – these may be specific teams or individuals. Compliance and senior management have access to a full audit trail of who has confirmed their understanding of the policy updates. The organization benefits from a highly transparent approach that ensures effective supervision and effortless evidencing to the regulator.

  • Never miss a rule development
  • Expand insight with access to content from over 950 rulebooks
  • Create roles and responsibilities for editing and managing policies
  • Produce reports detailing policy assignments and staff progress; email chasers to prompt staff and assist with supervision

Connect Policy Management to GRC

Thomson Reuters Policy Manager is part of the Thomson Reuters portfolio of risk management solutions, designed to help your organization drive a connected, value-enhancing approach to governance, risk and compliance, as well as enterprise risk management. Benefits of this approach include:

  • An improved ability to quickly and easily audit the policy management process
  • An enhanced ability to implement cultural change through policy acceptance
  • A heightened understanding of how policies impact risks, controls and processes
  • Reduced compliance and regulatory risk

Key Features

Key Benefits

Links your internal policies to external rule developments

Directly links your policy and the external rule, reducing your chances of missing relevant changes that may impact your business and helping to eliminate the potential risk of non-compliance

Creates roles and responsibilities for editing and managing policies

Integrated workflow ensures that the right users have access and permission to review, amend and update policies in line with rule changes.

Provides a complete audit trail detailing which staff members have confirmed their understanding of the updated policy

A record keeping tool tracks staff progress as they navigate through a policy towards confirmation, allowing compliance and senior management to see who has read which policy.

Automates reports and email chasers

Streamlines your policy management processes to prompt users with chaser emails on outstanding issues and assists with supervision, ensuring that policies are updated in a timely manner in response to regulatory developments.