Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence delivers a focused view of global regulatory compliance, empowering professionals to make well-informed decisions to manage regulatory risk with confidence using the most comprehensive and trusted intelligence available.

The banking, financial services and insurance sectors continue to experience unprecedented volumes of regulatory change and complexity. Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence cuts through the complexity and sheer volume of content and developments within the regulatory environment to provide clarity on what is most important to your organization, in a cost effective way.

Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence combines world-class content with advanced technology to deliver a unique one-stop regulatory intelligence solution which provides:

  • Unsurpassed breadth, depth and quality of regulatory intelligence with global coverage of over 600 regulatory bodies and over 1000 rulebooks
  • Exclusive news, analysis and practical guidance from our global team of regulatory experts and journalists
  • An intuitive user interface with powerful search functionality and easy navigation
  • Innovative tools including a customizable regulatory tracker filtering the noise within the regulatory environment, a customizable regulatory events calendar ensuring you don’t miss regulatory deadlines and reporting functionality

Single solution for all your compliance intelligence

Access the richest source of regulatory intelligence available anywhere through news, analysis, rulebooks, regulatory events and practical guidance – enabling you to access whatever information you need, when you need it from one single source.

Concise information for a focused view

Content within Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence has been configured to ensure you can easily find the information required to get clarity on what is most important to your organization. This simplifies the research process so you don’t have to spend huge amounts of time sifting through vast amounts of irrelevant information. The full content can be filtered by:

  • Geography
  • Sector
  • Content type
  • Organizations
  • Themes

Expert, trusted knowledge

The expertise and knowledge of our regulatory intelligence experts and editorial team are second to none. Their expertise means that as well as having access to the latest regulatory developments, you are able to understand the actual impact of these developments on your organization. They provide hot topics, news and impact analysis of current and forthcoming regulations.

Key Features

Advanced search – Easy navigation and searching to efficiently and quickly access the specific information required

My Updates – Automated tracking of regulatory developments, managed by custom filters to keep constant track of relevant information

Email alerts – Automatic updates on regulatory developments as they happen, with advance notification of changes so you have time to proactively plan your responses

Calendar – View past, present and upcoming regulatory developments ensuring you don't miss regulatory deadlines

Reports – Create and manage reports for board and organization-wide reporting, saving you considerable time

Share – Disseminate information across the organization directly via email

Get started with Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence today

With comprehensive coverage of 600 regulatory bodies and over 1000 rulebooks at your fingertips, you can manage regulatory risk with confidence using the most trusted intelligence available. Monitor multiple and varied sources of regulatory information with ease and save both time and money previously spent doing manual searches and tracking. Start your free trial today and see exactly how much time you can save on a daily basis.

Key Features

Key Benefits

Single information source

Provides a cost-effective and simplified research process, with comprehensive content, intuitive features and user-friendly functionality. Enables you to focus on anticipating and navigating the regulatory environment, alongside your general day-to-day duties, by taking away the burden and responsibility of having to manually track and monitor multiple and varied sources of regulatory information.

More focus, less noise

Focus on the information that matters to make informed and targeted decisions, faster. Keep track of regulatory changes that specifically impact your organization through powerful features to search, filter and automatically monitor the relevant developments. Information can be as broad or as precise as required by filtering information by geography, sector, content type, organizations and themes.

Trusted and reliable

The breadth and depth of the knowledge and expertise that goes into the collection and analysis of regulatory developments means that you consistently have access to the most thorough, accurate and reliable regulatory information available.

Manage regulatory risk

With the shift towards bigger fines and greater personal liability, the need to stay compliant has never been greater. Our solution reduces the potential room for errors and vulnerability within the organization by providing information that has been stringently tracked, monitored and analyzed. Content is structured and maintained to ensure you have the most up-to-date information at all times to manage and mitigate risk.

Practical and actionable information

Provides constant access to practical advice, best practice materials and knowledge to implement regulatory changes within your organization, and to make sure organizational structures are aligned to current and upcoming regulations. Information and reports can be created and customized for valuable and meaningful board level reporting and shared within your organization.

Mobile device compatibility

Access information from anywhere

Product Name

Product Benefits

Capitol Watch

Capitol Watch helps you to identify, monitor and track pending regulations and bills with ease - whether State or Federal so that you can organize, search, track and create reports against key pending laws.

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Compliance Advisor

Compliance Advisor is a comprehensive solution for authoritative statutory and regulatory intelligence, analysis and updates.

With Compliance Advisor, you can quickly access the right information and ensure that you know the rules, how they could impact your organization and how you can achieve compliance. Plain-English summaries give you easy access to the best guidance on the developments most relevant to your organization.

Compliance Advisor is available in four industry-specific editions: Mortgage banking, Consumer banking, Insurance and Healthcare.

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Compliance Complete UK Human Resource Edition

Access legal policies, letters, documents, best practices, and guidance notes featuring wording that suits FCA and PRA requirements covering a variety of subjects.

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Compliance Complete US Insurance Edition - Policy Terminator

Compliance Complete US Insurance Edition Policy Terminator lets you use the Web or your company’s intranet to ensure that you are issuing state-compliant notices to the insured – for cancellation, non-renewal or conditional renewal and reinstatement.

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Compliance Complete US Insurance Edition - State Rules and Regulations

Compliance Complete US Insurance Edition State Rules and Regulations will guide you through the complex and ever-changing maze of the US insurance market, ensuring that your organization knows and complies with current statutes and regulations.

It assists you in easily assessing the impact of newly enacted bills, adopted regulations and issued bulletins on your organization, whilst helping you coordinate and manage the entire implementation process.

State Rules and Regulations helps you to look in the right places, using the right search phrases to ensure that you only receive the information of most relevance to you. After you've found what you need, we store it and keep it updated, saving you time, money and resources.

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Compliance Complete US Insurance Edition - Track

Compliance Complete Track is a regulatory implementation and compliance-tracking tool that combines content and tracking capabilities to help compliance staff manage and implement the latest regulatory changes.

Compliance Complete Track helps legislative review analysts to assess the impact of newly enacted bills, adopted regulations and issued bulletins on your organization with ease. It further streamlines the coordination and management of the entire implementation process.

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Compliance Complete Recruitment Portal

Provides opportunities for financial recruitment firms to advertise, publish vacancies, and attract the best candidates from Thomson Reuters Accelus‘ global community of professionals.

Visit the Portal

Direct Intelligence Service

Accelus Direct Intelligence Service (DIS) provides a live data connection between global regulatory rule developments and your firm’s risk management system. A daily data feed ensures that your risk and control systems always reflect the latest regulatory developments, allowing you to base risk and mitigation decisions on current and complete information.

With Accelus DIS, you can leverage your investment in your existing risk management systems, while ensuring that they always reflect the latest regulatory developments.

In addition, our data feeds can enhance a variety of other solutions, including regulatory risk systems, inventories of rules and compliance portals.

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